Councilwoman Takes Action on Behalf of County Pets

Carroll County Ga -- Concern over the number of pets being left outside during the recent cold spell has prompted a Villa Rica City Councilwoman to urge the Carroll County government to review its ordinances that are under the monitor of animal control.
This week, Leslie McPherson said the county's current ordinance does not truly protect these animals from being left outside in frigid conditions.
McPherson sounding her frustration, "I have people in my ward whose dogs are left outside when it is 3-20 degrees. I have knocked on peoples' doors and tried to introduce (myself) as their councilperson and ask them to don't forget to put your animals inside... just like we are hearing the news ask. I'm willing to use social media, I'm willing to use social shaming and I really don't care at this point because I've noticed that these people don't care. You wish you could be polite and educate but that doesn't work with some people."
In regards to outdoor pets, the county's current ordinance calls for an enclosure with three walls and a covering of some sort.
"Being euthanized is better than being tortured the whole time that you are alive. I realize that animals are animals but even God's word talks about caring for your beast. These are domestic animals. So I am asking for your help. I will be seeking people to help us look at ordinances that other cities and  counties have done. I don't want to be overly restrictive and burdensome of people but you have to be humane," continued McPherson.   
The board of commissioners appeared sympathetic to Mcpherson's cause on Tuesday and have agreed to review the current ordinance.
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