Council Candidate Wants To Help Residents Help Themselves

Several political newcomers for area residents to get acquainted—seeking municipal seats for the first time this autumn.
Among them is Anita Elder-Jones who is challenging a long-time incumbent for Carrollton City Council’s Ward-One seat.
“I hear the concerns of individuals all the time… and I have concerns I’d like addressed—many of those concerns are shared by a lot of residents in ward-One… and all of Carroll County—when we look at the bigger picture,” Elder-Jones said Sunday. “This side of town… west Carrollton—it’s home for me. Born and raised, so I see a lot. I hear a lot. I want to see a change, which is the same thing I hear from residents in the area.”

Elder is employed as an Economic Development Director with West Georgia Technical College and she is the co-founder and CEO of the IMPAC Foundation

“I’m up close and personal and I care about getting down to the root problem—finding probably solutions for the concerns of residents living in and those who own property in Ward One,” she says. “I don’t mind going door-to-door and seeing the faces—hearing the concerns. Knowing that I will go after the resources out there to accomplish what the resident is asking… or at least give them a reasonable response as to what can and can be done. A lot of that is accomplished by simply educating those living in the area.”

Among the concerns of Ward-One residents is the need for revitalization projects on the west side of town, according to Elder-Jones.
“We need strategic spending to help beautify the area. I think that through a collective effort of finding incentives for property-owners and possible grants, could help restore some parts of the area and abandoned homes and some of the buildings sitting there with no life in them,” she says. “There are resources out there that can help individuals rebuild, restore or just make the area more attractive.”
Elder-Jones is a 1991 graduate of Carrollton High School and she graduated from Grambling State University in 1995 with a BS in marketing /information systems.
She is challenging incumbent Gerald Byrd for the Carrollton City Council Ward One seat this November.
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