Commissioner Candidates Weigh In On Sunday Sales

Carrol County Ga -- On Tuesday, Carroll County Commissioners will decide whether or not to allow county voters to make the call on whether Sunday alcohol sales will be permitted in unincorporated Carroll County.
While the two candidates for Carroll County's District Two seat will not be casting a vote as commissioner Tuesday, the subject has become polarizing in areas of the county. So we asked the candidates their perspective.
Both candidates said they would give voters the opportunity to make the call.
Clint Chance said, "Elected leadership is having the ability to make decisions for others but in certain circumstances delivering that power to the people is warranted. I believe when you have a topic that's highly prioritized for consideration and it could affect either directly or indirectly all the citizens of the county and you have the opportunity by law and feasibility to place this decision before the voters for their direct opinion. I feel that's the most American and responsible way to take."
Mathew Momtahan also commented on the issue, " I do think that it is a voter decision. I believe that the voters of Carroll County should have the opportunity to voice their decision on whether Sunday sales are appropriate for our community. I have given a lot of thought and I think at the end of the day, this is a democracy and I believe that it is going to be the best solution to answer the question. Let the voters decide."
Both men stated that if the Sunday sales question goes to the polls, they are likely to vote against it.