City Documents Suggest Former City Employee Participated In ‘Mishandling’ Thousands Of Dollars In Tax Payer Money, And Avoided Prosecution Charges By Resigning

Further investigation into documents relating to the "resignation" of former director of the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center, Penny Lewis — has revealed that Lewis had been accused of mishandling thousands of dollars in CCAC money, and that city officials agreed to not pursue criminal prosecution in exchange for her resignation.
Lewis tendered her resignation on May 27th, 2016.
The revelation comes after WLBB Radio reported that an attorney representing Lewis, has notified Carrollton city officials that his client may bring a claim against the city of Carrollton. In an ante litem notice delivered, the attorney claims that the former director was wrongfully terminated, and has endured libel, slander, false imprisonment, and consequential financial, emotional and physical damage.
Georgia law requires any individual or entity that may bring a claim against a government entity to provide that government entity with notice (ante litem notice) of the potential claim prior to filing of the suit or claim.
Among the letter’s claims is that Lewis was “detained without her consent by armed City of Carrollton police officers during an investigation ‘ostensibly’ into her handling of financial affairs for the CCAC.”
The ‘alleged’ investigation into complaints against Lewis produced results that accused Lewis and an assistant of mis-handling thousands of dollars collectively, during several cultural center events.
In one document, titled “Investigation Finding Summary Regarding Complaint Of Money Mis-Handling” and dated May 25th, 2016, “Lewis confirmed, without a doubt that she took and mishandled un-receipted tax payer cash and directed others to do the same.”
Further, results from the investigation claimed that Lewis sold additional seating for cultural arts center events and most payments for those seats were never receipted into the city system.
“The amount of un-receipted monies, as described by witnesses, and as can be concluded by the number of un-receipted seats that were sold, could exceed several thousands of dollars collectively,” according to the investigation results. “Some of the money alleged was used to pay people off the record and some of those paid were relatives of Lewis.”
Lewis is also accused of lying to management during the investigation.
Back to the ante litem notice sent by Lewis’ attorney.... It states that Lewis was “intimidated and threatened” via an “act of constructive termination without due process during discussions on the matter;” and she was publicly and privately accused of malfeasance and criminal activity.
Carrollton city officials have not commented on the ante litem notice, the accusations made against city employees, or the internal investigation-information made available to WLBB Radio through an open records request.
Lewis’ attorney is claiming losses for his client of approximately 3-million dollars in pay, benefits, expenses and pain and suffering.
The ante litem notice concludes, “Should the City of Carrollton fail to satisfy our client’s claim within 30 calendar days of receipt of this Notice, our client intends to pursue all remedies available to her to the fullest extent of the law and equity…”
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