City Councilman wants Voters to Rethink Package Store Ordinance

Temple Ga -- The City of Temple must come up with some ideas to generate revenue in order to make good on a $4.6 million balloon payment in January 2021. Temple must pay off a revenue bond that built the town's sewer treatment plant.
Temple City Councilman Todd Rothwell told WLBB radio that his proposal next month will not cover the entire bill, but he says it's a start. He said he wants voters in the city to consider allowing for making changes to the alcohol ordinance to allow for package stores to sell higher alcohol content spirits within the city.
He believes the taxes collected could make a dent in the bill. These taxes would go along with the city's water sewer enterprise fund, which is made up of utility fees that are supposed to pay for the system. That fund is underperforming.
Rothwell stated, "Currently we have absolutely no plan in place to make this payment. We are underperforming at a rate that the bank is not happy with. This has been an issue for two years that I have been on council. Several months ago I challenged the rest of my city council to come up with an idea."
Rothwell says he has asked city staff to review the potential annual excise tax collection for a liquor store. He does not have those numbers at this time.
"The whole reason for the package store ordinance is really more important than the package store itself.  This is just something that is going to benefit each and every citizen to allow the alcohol consumer to come in and help us pay down this debt. I've been told that a single liquor store can generate $100 to $150 thousand in excise taxes for one year," Rothwell added.
Rothwell said the issue of Temple making good on this payment should be a concern for all Carroll County tax payers. He said Carroll County government had cosigned the initial bond.