City Council To Consider 16/17 Budget Proposal Next Week; No Millage Rate Increase Proposed

City Of Carrollton’s 2016/2017 budget proposal calls for a slight increase to resident’s utility bills for the year. City Manager Tim Grizzard says the fee-increase would result in the average customer paying an extra $1.50 to $1.80 a month.
“Costs for the city are going up. Power rates go up. Costs to produce water and treat waste-water go up every year. The cost to haul and collect garbage goes up every year so we have to re-capture some of that. If not we are falling behind,” Grizzard says. “These two enterprise funds have carried the city for years. There is about 3-million-dollars in transfers of those funds to the general fund to keep it balanced.”

The budget calls for a 3-percent increase to utility charges (water & sewer, and sanitation).
“We are planning on doing about $2.5 of work our wastewater plant, and there’s about $1.5 million dollars budgeted for water line work and sanitary system line work,” he says. “Work on the wastewater plant probably wont get done in one year but we are budgeting for it just in case we can.”

City staff says revenues for the city’s general fund continue to show signs of economic growth in some areas while remaining stagnant in others.
Highlights of proposed purchases in the general fund include computer upgrades, mobile DVD recording system for the police department and $1-million toward the paving and repair of city streets.
Highlights of proposed purchases in the water fund include $400,000 in repairs to the Northside pump station and $500,000 in Lake Carroll spillway repair.
The proposed budget does not include a millage rate increase.