Charges Will Not Be Filed Against New District 68 House Rep.

VRPD announced Monday that investigators will not file charges against former mayor J. Collins relating to a domestic incident earlier this month.

VRPD has been investigating an incident involving Collins and his wife, in which she told a 911 operator that Mr. Collins was preventing her from leaving his business office, and that he had "wrapped a phone cord around (her) neck.”

We expect to interview captain Keith Shaddix further about the investigation later today.

"After an extensive investigation... it is now completed and we have decided that no charges will be filed," Shaddix told WLBB Radio Monday morning. "We have interviewed the parties involved and there is not enough evidence to suggest a criminal action occurred."

Shaddix says investigators asked the GBI to review the VRPD's findings. "They agreed with our findings," he said.

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