Cautious Store Clerk Helps Stop Daytime Armed Robbery

A 17-year old Carrollton man is behind bars after police say he attempted an armed robbery of the Citgo Gas Station on Alabama Street, in broad daylight.
CPD Captain Shannon Cantrell says the clerk had noticed the suspect-- Deangelo Quantez White-- lurking around outside the store for some time, before he pulled a shirt over his face and entered the store with a 22-calibur handgun.
"The clerk looks outside and sees the suspect. The suspect has a shirt tied around his neck. Well, he pulls the shirt up over his face-- like he's concealing his face. The clerk figures he's fixing to get robbed so he calls 911 before the suspect ever entered the store," Cantrell explained. "When the suspect enters the store and produces the gun, the clerk stalls him for about two minutes which was long enough for the officers to get there."
Cantrell says when officers arrived, the suspect tried to hide his weapon on one of the shelves inside the store. Officers found the gun-- which Cantrell says was loaded.
White allegedly told police, he attempted the robbery to get money for his mother, who he claims is in poor health.
White has a history of run-ins with police.