Carrollton Native Burson Inducted Into GA Military Veterans HOF

Carrollton native and practicing physician Dr. John Henry Burson III has been inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame.  A Science graduate of Georgia Tech and MD alum of Emory University, his remarkable career began  serving on active duty followed by 30 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, eventually attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Upon hearing the news, Dr. Burson said, “I’m deeply honored”, and modestly added that he was sure there were veterans much more deserving than he.

Despite accepting mandatory retirement in l994 when he set up practices in Carrollton and Villa Rica and became Chief of Staff at Tanner Hospital, Dr. Burson was not finished with serving his country.  In l973 he heeded the call for doctors in the Mid-East, deploying in 1975 with an Army National Guard clinic and was diverted to U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, where he oversaw Saddam just as he threatened a fast.  Dr. Burson resolved this situation quickly with a promise to perform a tracheotomy.  Later when he learned the main hospital lacked an ENT surgeon, he spent his off-duty hours performing this needed service.

Continuing his desire to practice his medical skills in Mid-East combat zones brought him to duty outside the “Green Zone” when he volunteered again and deployed in 2007 with a Military Police unit assigned to a detention camp with high-value prisoners including many depicted on the infamous “deck of cards”.

Still not finished, he volunteered two years later for deployment to Afghanistan with an infantry battalion at an outpost receiving hostile artillery fire where four medics were killed. His last volunteer stint was in 2011 when he served with Special Forces near Kabul where he celebrated his 77th birthday.

Overall, Dr. Burson volunteered for four tours of duty in his 70’s and became the oldest Army doctor on active duty.  “For approval on those last tours, being well above the age limit, I had to call upon some of my friends in high places,” he grinned.
Dr. John Henry Burson III, a true patriot and pride of Carrollton, still practices medicine in Villa Rica and serves pro bono at the Carrollton VA Clinic.

The announcement of Dr. Burson’s induction into the Hall of Fame was made by the organization’s founder and president, Col. Paul Longgrear (USA-Ret) of Pine Mountain.  “The framed photos of this year’s l7 inductees, together with those of the 66 previously selected members, will be prominently displayed on the Heroes’ Wall of the Floyd Building in the State Capitol complex”, said Col. Longgrear.

According to Hall of Fame Chairman of the Board of Governors Col. Rick White (USA-Ret), nominees must have ties to Georgia and qualify in one of 3 categories:  valor for heroic action in combat; outstanding achievement while in service, or significant local, state or national contributions after leaving active duty.

“This year’s honorees will be inducted at the Fifth Annual Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Ceremony and Banquet on November 4 at St. Luke Ministry Center, 301 11th St. in Columbus,” Col. White said.  “This annual event is open to the public, and I encourage all interested Georgians to attend.”

For reservation details, visitors may access the Hall of Fame website at http://www.GMVHOF.org.
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