Carrollton City Fire Audit to be Reviewed this Week

Carrollton Ga -- Carrollton City Officials and the City Council are expected to learn the results of an audit into the city's fire department later this week.

In July of this year, City Manager Tim Grizzard announced that Vice President of Campus and Support Services for Tanner Medical Center and former Carroll County Fire Chief Gary Thomas agreed to participate with the city’s human resources director in an investigation of some concerns that were made public about the Carrollton Fire Department.

Gizzard has said that Thomas would have no boundaries or limits on his investigative authority and that if he found a problem, the city wanted to address it.

The Carrollton Fire Department has carried an ISO rating of one since the summer of 2016. Which at the time had been achieved by less than a quarter of 1% of fire departments nationwide and one of thirteen in the state of Georgia.
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