Carroll County Water Authority Looks for New Water Supply of the Future

Carrol County Ga -- A decade into the Carroll County Water Authority Project to determine the unmet 2065 water supply need for the service area, and Indian Creek continues to be the preferred alternative according to data released this week. CCWA Executive Director Matt Windom said officials have now narrowed alternatives down to four potential sites based on practicability and environmental factors. The sites are Indian Branch Lower, Indian Branch Upper, Indian Creek and Jumpin-in Creek Lower.
Windom commented, "We've started a larger list and worked that down to something that's measurable. Indian creek, which was originally looked at to supply our water needs, is still in that short list of alternatives and it looks really strong. But we are required as a part of the process to look at other alternatives."
Windom said the CCWA plans to file a permit application with the U.S Army Corp. of Engineers by January of 2018.
"Our goal is to get permitted to build the reservoir as soon as we can. We think that the best case scenario would be no sooner than two years for a permit then construction would come after that. So what we're needing to do is get out in the field and do field verification on streams and wetlands in those areas," Windom also added.
The CCWA has planned a public information session regarding the progress of this water project on Monday, November 6th inside the new Performing Arts Center in Carrollton.
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