Bremen Police Assure Public After Social Media Scare

Bremen Ga -- Bremen Police are attempting to calm the nerves of some of the city's residents after a social media post suggested an attempted abduction outside a local retail store.

The post claimed that someone had placed a fake $100 bill on a woman's windshield, perhaps as a distraction for the woman. The post then said her vehicle was followed by another for much of her ride home.

Bremen Police Chief Keith Pesnell was not challenging the perspective of the potential victim on Wednesday, but he did say investigators checked available surveillance video. The video did see the woman's car but failed to see another vehicle follow her.

Pesnell said investigators have determined, in this case, that there is no threat to the community, but he insisted that anytime anyone feels threatened or in danger, they should come forward or call police.

Investigators do have the fake $100 bill in their possession. They encourage anyone who may have experienced something similar, to contact authorities.