Arrest Made In Convenience Store Armed Robberies

Carrollton Police arrest the man they believe held up two local convenience stores this month. Investigator Blake Hitchcock says 19-year old Adam Daniel Vied of Carrollton was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. Vied turns 20 in early December.
Hitchcock says alert citizens told police earlier this week, about a wrecked vehicle-- matching the description of the car that investigators believed the suspect had fled the scene following the alleged-armed robberies at local Sunoco and Texaco convenience stores.

Investigators had issued a BOLO for a reddish, late 00's model Hyundai Elantra after the initial robbery.
“A call into 911 reported that there was a wrecked car on Watson Street,” Hitchcock said Wednesday. “Witnesses saw a young white male near the vehicle. They watched him carry a rifle and large magazine… wrap it in a towel or clothing, and carry it up the street.”
The suspect reportedly told witnesses that he “could see his house” from where the vehicle was stalled.
Investigators traced the vehicle's information and eventually obtained a search warrant for a house on Watson Street where Vied was renting a room. The suspect is originally from Peachtree City but is believed to be attending school locally.
Police have so far not been able to recover any of the stolen money. They suspect that drugs could be the motive in these robberies.
Police are still looking for a white female they believe was in the get-a-way vehicle during the initial robbery at the Sunoco November 9th. Anyone with information on that suspect is encouraged to contact the Carrollton Police Department.
“The public has been a huge help in this case—and they have been in so many others,” Hitchcock said. “That’s why we go to the lengths of getting the information out to our local media and social media outlets. We know that local citizens want to keep our community a safer place.”

Vied is charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies
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