New Tax Law Could Majorly Impact Georgia

If a new law that requires online retailers to either collect sales tax or report their sales to the revenue department remain active, Carrollton City’s Financial Director, Jim Triplett said he is unsure just how much new revenue will be collected for the city. He just thinks that it should positively affect revenue.

However, the law is already being challenged and may not make it to its action date of July 2019 according to Triplett:

“House Bill 61, sale tax accountability, internet sales made now to consumers to the state of Georgia will be taxable and they are estimating, statewide, that this is going to have a $200 million impact.”

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of such laws before the end of June. Those challenging the law claim it directly defies the legal precedent that states can only require sales tax collection by companies with an in-state physical presence.