New Sign in Villa Rica Will Warn Drivers of Blocked Railroad Intersection

Drivers in the Mirror Lake area in Villa Rica will soon be warned when trains are blocking the railroad intersection on Conners road. Villa Rica City Council, on Tuesday, approved a signal designed to notify drivers of the blockage and enable drivers to take the fly-over bridge without first driving
down Conners Road and being forced to turn around.

Trains blocking the intersection have become a worse problem over the last couple of years. The city received complaints from residents who ventured down the road only to see that it was blocked. This causes traffic problems backing into Mirror Lake Blvd.

The train is not visible from the intersection of Conners Road and Liberty Road/Mirror Lake Blvd.

The new sign will run an estimated cost of nearly $54,000. This project be paid through the Douglas County SPLOST funds. No timeline for completion of the project has been set.