"Bushy-Haired Man In Van" Clears-Up Story That Had Local Parents Concerned

Haralson County Sheriff Eddie Mixon Thursday said he was relieved to learn that a man who earlier this week called a young boy to his van, causing the boy to call for help from his parents—was not a predator…. He was just a salesman.
The family had alerted authorities of their concern over the situation and posted to social media to be on the lookout for the bushy haired man in an older van.
According to investigators, the incident occurred on Tuesday, March 29, around 5 pm at a residence on Windom Road near Tallapoosa.  The complainant told Mixon’s Deputy that an older man with bushy gray hair pulled his van into the drive way, then called to the child to get his attention and asked him to come to the van. 
“The child’s father was working in the yard and heard his child call for help,” Mixon said.
Footage recorded during the incident has been provided to the Sheriff’s Office.
The man in the video footage came forward to authorities on Thursday, and explained what happened.
Investigators confirmed that he was a local small business owner looking for an address where he had an appointment. The man said after calling to the boy, he simply drove away because he knew he had the wrong address.
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